403 Leighton Ave. Silver Spring, MD
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Keagha Carscallen

People over profit.

We are a dynamic therapist duo that includes: 2 sets of hands, mighty hearts and
a back yard clinic.


Keagha Carscallen (she, her) is a health care practitioner and vitalist. She uses manual & energetic therapy, homeopathy, natural therapeutics, herbal medicine, and nutrition as foundational medicine. Trauma, injury, or stress can distrupt the body’s ability to maintain vital health and function. When the foundation of who we are, physically, mentally, emotionally is strenthened, the body can restore to a more optimal health.

My professional skills are a culmination of long-term apprenticeships and formal education, including: Dr. Robert Stevens at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, Trina Simms at Green Star Herbs, and Dr. Robin Murphy at Lotus Wellness Homeopathic Institute. My deepest understandings of natural medicine, are from working with people and my own lived experience of thriving through a decade of chronic illness, eighty-six allopathic physicians, and opioid addiction. 


I am lover of good music, rainbows, children’s smiles and sunsets. I like to move – to dance, hike and float in the ocean. I enjoy listening and assisting people through their own healing process.

As a white cisgender therapist with strong Danish roots and Irish, German and French Canadian branches, my work is interwoven with life-long anti-racism and “counter oppression”, ancestral & personal healing work. My work in the community has included being a co-facilitator of DR Works (Dismantling Racism), an actionist for white wealth redistribution and reparations for people of the Africa diaspora. It is with humility that I offer my services with compassion and reverence to provide a safer space for people to just be, be heard and receive what natural medicines have to offer.