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People over profit.

We believe in the sanctity of health care for all people. Racial, economic and gender inclusive equity & justice go hand in hand. We try to counterbalance the high cost of health care services and the unequal ground of healthcare accessibility.

In addition to our regular fee structure, we offer:

Discounted Fees

For ALL individuals who earn less than $48,000. annually:

$80 – 1 hour treatment (limited to 2 treatments per month)

Discounted rates are intended for people who work full time, are unemployed or if due to their health issues, are unable to work full time.

Racial equity fees

If you identify as a Black, Brown, Indigenous, Latinx or person of color:

Sliding scale: $40 – $120 (you determine what you can comfortably afford)

Health reparations for African, Black Americans

1 appointment per month – no charge*

There is no sufficient monetary restitution for the murder, mental, cultural, and spiritual damages and trauma inflicted on Africans, Black Americans, from the time their ancestors where enslaved, their descendants, and to all generations thereafter. The systemic attack on Black lives continues. The apology, truth telling and reparations that the US government, descendants of slave owners and White Americans owe you is immeasurable. Reparations are past due. May this health reparation be a catalyst for and contribution to what we, as White people,  must do. To honor and recognize the full humanity, dignity and brilliance of the African diaspora. 

*if you feel more comfortable paying, then you decide the fee

Free monthly clinics

On Thursdays, we offer a free clinic for those who need it. 

This is for people who are unemployed, lower-resourced households, and are unable to pay our regular fees . You are most welcome to bring your children with you, if you do not have childcare.

These are 45-minute manual therapy sessions and homeopathic consultations. 

To schedule an appointment, schedule on-line or call 301. 587. 1285. No walk-ins please.