403 Leighton Ave. Silver Spring, MD
301. 587. 1285

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OUR SILVER SPRING LOCATION WILL BE CLOSING ON APRIL 20th, WE ARE RELOCATING TO CALIFORNIA. The Back Yard Clinic is on Piscataway land. The clinic is nestled in a grove of trees, providing a quiet space to just “be” and receive what manual and energetic therapies, and natural medicines have to offer. Our location: 403 Leighton Ave. Silver Spring, MD 20901 The Back Yard Clinic is a detached building behind a home residence. To access the clinic, please enter through the wooden gate at the driveway, follow the path around to the back yard. Please do not go to the front door of the main residence. Parking: Parking is available on either side of the street. Please do not park in the driveway. Questions: backyardclinic@gmail.com 301. 587. 1285